Northern Lakes

Standards & Certifications & NE Clinic


The focus of the S & C (Standards & Certifications) Clinic is to develop our local Pony Club Examiners for the D3 to C2 local certifications in the areas of Dressage and Eventing.  Demo riders will show what the level of riding looks like and the National Examiner will lead a discussion evaluating each one against the standard.

ALSO NE CLINIC:  Sign up for a riding clinic with the NE (National Examiner).  While she is here, there is no better opportunity to ride with a National Examiner and improve your skills.  See complete details in the Flyer below.


  • Any Pony club member who wants to become an Examiner is required to attend one S & C clinic every two years.  

  • Any Member who wants to learn what the next level of riding looks like

  • Any Parent who wants to understand what is expected at each level of riding

S & C 2021:

WHERE:  Brightonwood Farm, Maple Plain, MN

WHEN:  Sunday, May 16th. 

  • National Examiner Cathy Frederickson will take examiners through levels of D3 and higher for Dressage and Eventing Certifications.
  • Demonstration riders are needed (if interested email:


WHEN:  Saturday, May 15th

  • Come and join the Northern Lakes Region Pony Club on Saturday May 15th at Brightonwood Farm. Members considering upper level testing are highly encouraged to participate. Dressage group of 2 or jumping group of 3 or less. Sign up early, stalls are limited! 


All clinic details & registration links are in the Clinic flyer. CLICK HERE. 

Sign up early, space is limited.