Northern Lakes

Where Does the Money Go?

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?  To Our Kids, Of Course!

New Member Parents often want to know where their membership dues go.  Here is an explanation of how we try to be good stewards of your membership and fundraising dollars to make our sport financially accessible.

Whether you own your horse or lease, beg, borrow or steal one, you know that horses and riding is an expensive hobby or sport.  To support its activities, Pony Clubs fund-raise each year.  The money earned helps decrease the financial burden of participation for its members. 

Volunteers:  While Pony Club is a volunteer-run organization which reduces the cost of activities to families, there are still many expenses associated with its operation.   

Facilities:  When Pony Club holds an unmounted or mounted activity, it often pays a fee for use of that facility.  Whenever possible, the Clubs try to use free facilities or those that require minimal fees.

Certifications:  Examiners from outside of our centers and clubs are compensated for their time and expertise. The facility may also require a fee.  

Instruction:  When possible, upper level Pony Club members instruct their lower level counterparts as part of their education as teachers, both in unmounted and mounted activities.  In general, this is a volunteer effort and they are usually not compensated.  Upper level members also receive instruction from recognized, local instructors who are paid to give lessons to our members.  As they advance in independence and skill, some of their time is volunteered, but some also may be compensated by the Club, at the discretion of the DC. Our Pony Clubs & Centers do their best to keep these costs low.  

Rallies and Clinics:  Pony Club has been fortunate to host many nationally known and respected clinicians over the years and we do our best to make these clinics affordable to our members.  To encourage participation in regional mounted rallies & championships, Pony Clubs may pay a portion of the registration fees for members in good standing.

Equipment:  Our Pony Clubs have some equipment available for use by members without charge.  This can include team equipment required for participation in mounted events and libraries of equine-related books and audio-visual resources.

Printing and Supplies:  To operate an organization such as a Pony Club, supplies and teaching materials are a must.   We try to keep costs low by using technology where we can.

Insurance:  Any time members go to a facility we incur a charge for each new facility.  

Other Expenses:  Travel expenses to the USPC National Convention for leadership training for the District Commissioner and other board members, sponsorship fees, and awards and certificates are just some of the other things paid for by club funds. 

We do all this so our horse crazy kids can develop characater, experience compassion, and participate in their chosen sport!