Northern Lakes

Youth Board



Who Are We? 

The Northern Lakes Youth Board is a collection of youth interested in engaging in regional leadership and fostering stronger connections among our youth membership.  The board voices the educational goals of youth membership to the adult leadership, but we also organize educational, social, and service opportunities in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.   Working with an adult advisor, members learn leadership and organizational skills across multiple areas, including interpersonal, financial, and logistical.  In all events, the social interaction with similarly-aged peers is stressed, as a strong community is an essential element for everything else we do.  









What We Have Been Up To


















The NLR Youth Board plans and organizes C-Retreat for Northern Lakes Region.  This is a weekend full of fun, friends and horsey stuff! 


















Interested in learning more?  Contact your Youth Board! email:

Membership Eligibility 

14 years or older OR 12 years with a C1 and recommendation from DC/CA

Must be a member in good standing 

All national, regional, and club dues paid

Maximum Pony Club Age: 18