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WHAT IS POLOCROSSE?  Polocrosse, as the name implies, is a combination of Lacrosse and Polo.  Mounted on horseback, each player carries a racket 36 inches in length with an 8 inch diameter net on one end.  The ball is four inches in diameter and is soft foam covered with a soft latex skin.  The ball is scooped up from the ground, carried in the net of the racket and passed  between teammates.  Ultimately, it is thrown through the goal posts at one end of the field or the other.

HISTORY OF THE GAME: Polocrosse can be traced back to England in the 1930s as a game used to teach individuals how to ride.  Mr & Mrs. Hirst were two of the first people to play and fall in love with the game.  They took the sport to their home country of Australia, where it was further developed, and Polocrosse as we know it was created.  The first club was formed in 1945, and currently about 400 clubs exist throughout the world.  The American Polocrosse Association (APA) was started in the 1984.  


To find out more about the discipline of Polocrosse in Pony Club, visit the Polocrosse Discipline page here.


Minnesota Extreme Polocrosse was founded in 2001 by our very own Kristi Beall Johnson, an "A" Graduate of Canterbury Pony Club, Northern Lakes Region.  

Try Polocrosse at the annual Polocrosse Camp in June or at other Beginner's Clinics run by the club.  All levels of riders and horses welcome from beginners on up.  Contact the Polocrosse Club for dates and cost.