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Member Resources for Horse Management

Stall Card, Required Equipment List, Vet Letter, Feed Chart, Safety Turn Back Checklist, Protest Forms

NLR Letter of Intent to Rate (C2 and Up)

Letter of Intent to Test Form for Regional & National Testing

Deadline:  January 1st

The above letter is non-binding in January but allows the RIC's to plan for the testing.  There will be another deadline TBD for a final commitment and deposit. 

Submit to Linda Scott, RS, and to Frances Blair and Joan Larson, Co-RIC's via email or snail mail. 

NLR Impartial Observer letter

Please share this letter with the candidates and families prior to the testing to establish the lines of commuincation about any special considerations a candidate might need during a testing.

Click Here to access the template.  Copy the contents of the form and paste the text into another document to send to families.  

NLR Reimbursement Form

Click Here to Download and Print Form for reimbursement from the NLR Treasurer

Event Budget Form

Click here to make a copy of the Excel Budget Template to use for all regional events.  Organizers, please create a working budget, sand end it to the Regional Treasurer (RT) and the Regional Supervisor (RS) for approval.