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NLR Letter of Intent to Rate (C2 and Up)

CLICK HERE for Letter of Intent to Test Form for Regional & National Testing

Deadline:  January 1st each year

Open the Doc.  Download to your computer.  Upload to Google Drive. Rename it with your name in it.  Fill it out.  Share or email back to the RS, RIC, and testing organizer.  

The above letter is non-binding in January but allows the RIC's to plan for the testing.  There will be another deadline TBD for a final commitment and deposit. 

NLR Impartial Observer letter

  • Please share this letter with the candidates and families prior to the testing to establish the lines of communication about any special considerations a candidate might need during a testing.  Open the Doc.  Download to your computer.  Copy & paste the text into an email to families.
  • Click Here to access the template. 

NLR Reimbursement Form--due to Treasurer with receipts no later than 60 days after the expenditure.

Event Budget Form--DUE to RS 4 weeks in advance of the opening of event registration for approval

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