Northern Lakes

Mega Rally


Rallies are Pony Club Competitions with riding, teamwork & horse management.  

At rally, USPC member teams test their horse management and riding skills against each other in an atmosphere of cooperation & fun!

Rallies allow members to demonstrate leadership, competence and independence.  Teams of Pony Club members test their skills without parents, but with the advice and support of judges, coaches and officials. Teamwork & cooperation are stressed.

In USPC Mounted rallies, members rally in teams of three, four or five riders and, in most disciplines, an unmounted Stable Manager.

Rally teams are usually selected by the DC, with input from members, parents and the club instructor. 

Why Rally? USPC rallies teach members about themselves, about supporting and relying on each other, about horse care and being a good sport when winning and losing.  Best of all, they are FUN, create memories and lifelong friendships between teammates.

For more information about the different pony club disciplines, see the USPC website page on Disciplines.  

2020 Mega Rally Registration is HERE!

Dressage, Show Jumping & Stick Horse!

Print Your Blue Book for all things Rally by clicking here


CLOSING DATE:  July 26, 2020 (must be postmarked  by this date and fees paid BY CHECK to NLR)

This is the drop dead date!! No late entries accepted.

RALLY SECRETARY: Send any paper entries/forms to Secretary, Robin Trott, W10750 Peterson Rd. Ladysmith, WI 54848

**This is a short turn around-- Entries must be postmarked by July 26TH!!  (no entries accepted after this date)**

What:  A Non-Qualifying Rally in 2 Disciplines; *New for 2020*  Stickhorse division for all disciplines! (see Blue Book for more info)

Who:  All levels of riders welcome; un-mounted stable managers needed too!

Where:  Rusk County Fairgrounds, Ladysmith, WI 54848

When:  Friday,  August 14th-16th

How to Register:

1.  Print & READ the Blue Book--This is your guide to all things rally.  HIGHLIGHTS BELOW.

  1. All Entries must be submitted through the DC/CAs.
  2. Entries must be COMPLETE (all paperwork and payment enclosed) to be considered received by the deadlines.  
  3. Send any paper entries/forms to Secretary, Robin Trott, W10750 Peterson Rd. Ladysmith, WI 54848 
  4. All team checks must be made out to NORTHERN LAKES REGION.  Clubs will determine payment to them.
  5. NO Paypal entries this year.

2.  Read it.  Talk to your friends and your DC/CA about forming teams.  Choose a fun team name.  Tell the Rally Secretary.

3.  Fill out the INDIVIDUAL PAPERWORK ONLY. Submit it to your DC with your payment to your club, by the deadline your DC/CA sets.

4.  CAs/DCs then fill out team paperwork and submit ALL paperwork and a club check to the rally secretary by July 26TH.

**Remember that check-in for each rally happens the NIGHT BEFORE the actual competition!  Teams must organize themselves to set up their horses and tack rooms before the competition begins the next morning.  ALL members of the team are expected to prep kits and work on this together.