Northern Lakes

D Retreat

What is D-Retreat?  


D Retreat is a hands on learning opportunity for D1-D3s and all New Members & Guests

to grow their Horse Management Skills and have fun with their friends!


  • New, Un-Rated Members--it is a great chance to see our Region swing into action to provide high quality education for our Ds
  • C1 and up members who want to gain teaching experience and give back to the region

FAQ:  If I went once should I come again?

YES!  Each year the topics and lessons change and as you move up the levels the instructors adjust the topic to fit the correct standard for your level.  As you move up the levels it is also a great way to watch young teachers in action and think about how YOU would present the material when it is your turn.  Parents, it is also a great time to shadow the kids and learn what they need to know for the coming year.  It is also GREAT Quiz Rally prep.

C1 and up Pony Club Instructors will lead participants through:

Fun-filled Stations where you will

Learn by Doing, Touching, Experiencing

and prepare for your next Certification

D Retreat 2019

When: Saturday, February 16, 2019,  9:00am - 3:00pm

Where: U of M Leatherdale Equine Center, St. Paul, MN

BRING A FRIEND! We’d like to share our great program, so bring a friend who is not in pony club to see what Pony Club is all about! (Use the same registration link for your friend who has to fill one out separately)


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