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Highlights from NE's Cathy Frederickson & Susanne Winslade Clinic, The Stables, Rochester, MN

What a Weekend!  The weather was fabulous, our host was gracious (Thank You, Eliese!), the clinic was well organized (Thank You, Frances!) and our instructors & riders were amazing.  14 riders, parents, and instructors learned a lot from the Standards & Certifications Clinic and the lessons themselves.  Cathy & Susanne have a wealth of knowledge and experience inside Pony Club and out which they generously shared with all of us.







D RetreatBoots & Bandages

A very successful D Retreat & Everything But the Horse Rally were held February 18th and 19th at the Leatherdale Equine Center at the University of MN, St. Paul campus.  

Lead Hound Pony Club organized D Retreat and members and guests learned about Boots & Bandaging, XC Jumps, Nutrition, Colors & Markings, Foxhunting, Vaulting, Barn Management and more.





Everything But the Horse Rally

Run by our newly reconstituted Junior Board, the Everything But the Horse Rally ran on time, members experienced rallying, new friends were made and ribbons were won!