Northern Lakes

HMO Seminar

Regional Instruction from our HMO's and RIC's

You are Invited to the 2020 HMO Seminar!

 Saturday, March 7, 2020     9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Bellwether Farm -- 245 Plainview Drive, River Falls WI

Registration deadline is February 29th, 2020

Click HERE for the Flyer and links to the Registration FORM

ROLE:  The job of our RIC's (Regional Instructional Coordinators) and HMO's (Horse Management Organizers) is to help our Region's clubs and centers develop a strong educational program built around the the Pony Club curriculum. 

Both the HMO & RIC provide instruction at the regional level and assist clubs and centers with their local programs.  The RIC focuses more on the overall mounted education of our members, and the HMO on the un-mounted side. Together, they help us create knowledgeable, well-rounded riders who care for their equine partners in the saddle and on the ground.

To learn more about the roles of the RIC and HMO, view "Your RIC and You" here. 

WHO are our current Regional Instructional Team?

Find their contact information here.

FAQs:  EDUCATION AT THE REGIONAL LEVEL:  Click on our CALENDAR TAB for detailed event information

Every year the region organizes various horse management educational opportunities:  We offer

  • D-Retreat where C's instruct D's in a wide variety of horse management topics
  • C-Retreat with upper level HM education and social opportunities
  • D and C Camps
  • An annual HMO Seminar where parent volunteers are trained as Assistant Horse Management Judges (AHMJ's) for rally
  • Parent Education to help parents learn how to support their member in Pony Club
  • A "Teaching the Teachers Symposium"
  • A "Standards & Ratings Clinic"
  • and clubs partner with the region to offer Upper Level Preps of various kinds to support their members for regional and national level certification testing.