Northern Lakes

Upper Level Education




USPC National Examiners have apprenticed and demonstrated their understanding of Pony Club programs, goals, and the Standards of Proficiency (SOPs).  They conduct the National Level testing (HB, C3, B, HA and A). 

Opportunities to ride with National Examiners are an incredible chance to get advanced level instruction to prepare for national pony club certifications.   It is an advantage to begin to ride with National Examiners well before you intend to test.  These advanced skills take time to develop for horse & rider and the NE clinicians can help you develop your skills along the way so you are ready to test.  Bring your regular instructor to audit the clinics so they can support you in your journey!

Please contact our RICs, Frances Blair or Robin Trott with any questions about National Level Testing and Preparation.


National Examiner Camp & Clinics are usually held every year for our C Level riders and strong C1 candidates.  These mounted and un-mounted clinics are an opportunity to ride with a USPC National Examiner and get coaching and tips before they are tested by a National Examiner for a National Level certification.  The more chances a member has to ride with a National Examiner BEFORE they face them for the C3 certification testing and up, the more well prepared and more confident they will be that they will meet standard.  Participating in these clinics or camps well before you intend to certify for your C3 is a great opportunity to get expert instruction, study with a group of peers and to enjoy friends from around the region.

Who should come?

  • C1 and C2 riders who are preparing for regional and national testings

  • Riders who want to advance their skills, have fun and ride with their PC friends!

  • Strong D3 riders (C1 candidates) who want to improve their skills

  • Volunteers, instructors & parents who want "to train their eye" 


This is an ANNUAL clinic that helps riders, examiners, parents and instructors train their eye to the Pony Club Standards of Proficiency.  Anyone who wants to be a Pony Club Examiner whether in-club or out needs to attend at least one every two years to keep up with changes coming from the National Office.

Who should come?

EVERYONE!  Upper level members wanting to learn what is expected at each level; apprenticing and experienced examiners who are looking to update their knowledge and train their "eye"; parents and PC leaders who are learning what the levels look like in Pony Club to support their members; PC and outside instructors who are looking to support their students in Pony Club.


As members move up the levels they are expected to learn to teach and eventually become examiners in club.  First they teach un-mounted lessons in club, then out of club, mounted lessons and then become examiners.  Depending on the year, we offer a variety of regional level instruction to support the clubs and centers as they train the next generation of instructors.  While members aren't tested on their teaching skills until the HB, we all know that becoming a good teacher takes LOTS of experiences, and so we encourage members to start learning to teach in club when their DCs think they are mature enough and knowledgeable enough to begin under supervision.

This is an interactive seminar designed to

  • Train advanced Ds and Cs to teach in the club, prepare fun and interactive lesson plans and pass on your Pony Club knowledge
  • Learn how to become examiners, handle unusual situations, talk to members and parents, and what to take with you to a rating
  • Support DCs/CAs develop in-club programs to train PC’ers step by step to teach to the standards and satisfy their teaching requirements

Who should come?

  • Older D3s and Cs who want to advance their teaching skills
  • Strong D3s and Cs who want to advance their examination skills